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Garden LavenderRogue Vitality is a place where I share the things we are doing in our lives to achieve a more considered life.  I am many things, the most important to me being a mother, wife and daughter.  I am not a health professional, I am simply a person looking for answers for our best lives not only with the food we eat, but the quality of our home environment, our mindset, and our general manner of living.

My purpose with Rogue Vitality is not to tell you what you should be doing, it is more to share what we are doing, and why we are doing it (see the story of the start of our journey here).  Something that works wonderfully for us, may not work so well for you – but I want you to think.  Think about what needs to change in your life.  Maybe the briefest wisp of an idea that I have here will resonate with you and  make a big impact in your life.  So many different people have contributed to the way we live our lives today, and many more will contribute in the future, and I endeavour to contribute an idea of value to your life.
Berti & Benny


I will be talking about my beautiful family – primarily my long suffering & patient husband Ben, daughter Miss C,  youngest son X, and how the changes in our life are impacting us.  Please comment, I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas.
I hope you enjoy your visit with us!
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